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Access Control

Alabama Card Systems sells, installs and supports electronic access control systems manufactured by DSX, Galaxy, Aiphone and BadgePass. We also sell and install Viking entry access control products and door hardware from numerous vendors. 

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Secure Identification

BadgePass has a rich history in the security and identification industry, and Alabama Card Systems serves a key role in that story as a system provider and installation specialist. BadgePass Server, Visitor Manager, Access Manager and Identity Manager are among the newest products.

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Healthcare Identification

Patient Identification is a crucial component in the delivery of quality care. Alabama Card Systems sells and services wristband systems from AMT Datasouth and XPress Systems, two leading manufacturers in the industry with numerous success stories to share.

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ID and Tracking

Alabama Card Systems provides solutions for the identification and tracking of people in and out of buildings including education, corporate, government, healthcare and membership-based facilities. Opentech and Entrust Datacard are among leading brands we support.

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Card Printers, Cameras

Performance and value are the distinguishing features behind the identification card printers and cameras Alabama Card Systems provides as part of the Fargo, Datacard and Matica network of authorized USA sales and service providers. 

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IP/CCTV Surveillance

Alabama Card Systems can provide the technology necessary to monitor all employee and visitor activity within your facility to raise employee safety and security. Our line up includes Network Video Recorders, IP Cameras, and everything vital to a complete solution. 

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Metal Plate Embossers

As a provider for CIM, Alabama Card Systems has the technology available to make industrial tag marking and plastic card personalization efficient for a wide variety of industries and professions including financial services, hospitality, and corporate environments.

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ScholarChip's modular tools give you the freedom to focus on your most important tasks--more class time, safer environments and peace of mind for parents. Freedom means one-click access to all of ScholarChip's operations and security services, seamlessly integrated into your SIS.

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Multi-factor Authentication, also known as MFA or multi-step verification, adds another layer of security, supplementing the username and password model with a code that only a specific user has access to (typically sent to something they have immediately to hand). This authentication method can be easily summed up as a combination of "something you have and something you know”.

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ID Badge Supplies

We offer a full range of lanyards, badge reels, badge holders and other badge supplies.

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